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Apps built upon Frappé framework, integrated with the powerful ERPNext

Choose smarteCare for Hospitals, Polyclinics, Laboratories or Practice management

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Out Patient Management

Appointment scheduling

Consultations, Prescriptions

Patient health history, other analytics

Integrated workflows with Laboratory and Pharmacy modules

Notify patients via SMS/Email

Inpatient Management

Inpatient admission, treatment plans etc.

Facility allotment, billing

Service Units, Tasks management

Notifications / alerts on various events

Patient treatment summary, various other reports

Laboratory Management


Laboratory procedures

Email/Print reports

Configurable report templates

Sample collection management

Result ready notification by SMS

Pharmacy Management

Stock management - batches with expiry, serial numbers, auto reordering etc

Stock balance, ageing reports

Taxes, Price lists

Purchase management

Extensive Sales and Purchase reports

Accounting and HR

Built on the most popular open source ERP - ERPNext

Complete Accounting and Finance management

Readily available legal reports

Payroll processing

Employees, Attendance, Expense management

Planned Features

DICOM Modality Worklist

Modality Performed Procedure Step

Open source PACS integration

DICOM Query Retrieve client

DICOM Image Viewer

Key Benefits

Paperless workflows

Access anytime, anywhere

Low infrastructure investment

Mobile/Tablet friendly
Strict SSL access

Automated backups

Half yearly/annual payment modes

Free SMS packs with all plans

Host with ERPNext

smarteCare is now available as Healthcare domain in ERPNext. Most of the features present in smarteCare is merged and is part of the ERPNext 9.0 release. The ERPNext Community is actively working on fine tuning and making the other features (and more) available as part of ERPNext.

You can now sign up up for a 30 day free trail and start using ERPNext Healthcare - see the pricing on ERPNext website.

Open Source

ERPNext is open source and is licensed under GNU General Public License v3. You can download and host it on your own servers.


smarteCare app is no more maintained as the features are being merged to ERPNext healthcare. If you have any feedback / recommendations, please post a message. You can also raise an issue / feature request on GitHub.

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